The gaucho’s of Rivera, Tacuarembó and Salto

Near Tacuarembó

The city of Rivera straddles on the border between Uruguay and Brazil. This leads to a quite unique border crossing which I haven’t seen so far on my trip. The center of town has two immigration offices, one for Brazil and one for Uruguay. But they are separated by 20 street blocks. Leaving Uruguay means that you “stamp out” the passport in one part of town and then go (by foot, bus or taxi) to the other part of the town for the Brazilian immigration procedure. I therefore wonder, if wandering tourists are technically considered illegal aliens in this bustling no-man’s land full of shops, entertainment and hotels. The great blog entry here is a much more detailed description of the town and border crossing process. A last minute decision made me stay in Uruguay. Rivera was having a constant sound level of police sirens and burglary systems honking through town. A bit apprehensive about entering Brazil, because of my lack of Portuguese language skills and the expensive prices, I went for the easy way out: Turn south to Tacuarembó in Uruguay.

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