Overview and trip map for the Antarctica polar quest

Starting and ending in Ushuaia (Argentina), ships bound for the Antarctic Peninsula have to cross the dreaded Drake Passage, a trip which is roughly 900 km long. “Rough” would actually be an understatement on a ship rolling about 20° to 30° for two consecutive days. This passage is considered one of the roughest seas in the world. Many people on board were seasick and stayed in their cabins. Not many passengers would show up for the scheduled meals.

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Antarctic scientific stations

The various Antarctic scientific stations and historic sites added a good variety to our trip. For some fellow travelers these landings provided rare shopping opportunities. Notable side-note: The store in the American Palmer Station only accepts credit cards for payment. No cash accepted. When we visited the British Port Lockroy Station later on the journey, they would only accept cash. No credit cards were accepted.

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