About myself

When I am not roaming around the world, I will program code and take care of servers. That’s plenty of ever changing technology to feed my curiosity.

About this travel blog

I’m always looking to explore new cultures and landmarks on this planet – sometimes in a novel way of getting there.

  • Why fly by airplane to the Far East? Can I get there by ground travel instead?
  • How far did the Roman empire reach?
  • What is the difference between Maya and Aztec?

These are just some example questions that are feeding my interest in travel.

How do people live together after a peace process?

Rwanda in Africa comes to mind.

A country famous for its National Park with Gorillas – and a past cruel war. Visiting this country and getting answers had powerful effects on my own learning curve in life. Travel memories aren’t necessarily landmarks. Or people. It can be situations.

Would I just spend two weeks on a beach instead of backpacking through the country-side? I haven’t yet explored the answer to that question… But I am curious enough to give it a try – someday.

This blog evolved since 1995 in various ways. For the past ten years it would hold my various travel diaries. The aim was to inspire mind-like people, with a lot of anecdotes. Which meant, a lot of text to read (and to write).

About the recent blog change

During Winter 2018/2019, I decided to use a new way to publish posts for this blog. Every day a new picture, randomly selected from my past travels. The idea is to keep you inspired to explore this beautiful planet and its various cultures – without the need to read my (obviously opinionated) stories.

About you

What do you think about this change? Do you like it? Would you prefer some modifications or improvements?

I am interested in hearing your feedback.

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