About reto.

reto.Being curious I love to discover people and places. I can easily stay for two weeks in a remote Siberian village, soaking in the lifestyle of the local people. Put me on a two-day bus ride through Patagonia and I’ll be happy and relaxed. Teach me new things like surfing and I’ll be thrilled for life. Invite me for dinner with strange tasting food, look at my face while I eat roaches and ants, and we’ll both laugh about me being soooo European. Join the journey and let me participate in how you discover the world and you’ll make a friend for life.

I do not care for beaches, sun bathing and shopping malls. Well, I do not really judge people traveling to such places. Because I have been there, too. Having said that, you might actually spot me on a week-end shopping trip flying from Europe to New York. But I would never call this traveling. It’s a necessity because the dollar is cheap these days. And New York is filled with Electronic Gadgets waiting to be bought by me. That’s another weakness of mine…

What started out as a website with pictures and captions turned into a full blown blog. Because I don’t want to forget any of the memorable moments on the road. And some thoughts of my private paper diary seem to be interesting enough to share with family and friends.

Who knows, maybe this blog serves one day another traveler in preparing his trip.  Therefore, any feeback are most welcome, please feel free to comment.

And enjoy this blog.