Visa, Exchange Rates and Global SIM cards…

Red Tape

Parts of my upcoming journey will cross Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia within six weeks before arriving in China. That gives a total of seven tourist/transit visa to obtain. Most of the travel guidebooks and online blogs from other travelers rightly talk about the “visa hell” when visiting Central Asia (or: the “Stans”).

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Should I take the laptop – yes or no?

Technology gear to carry around

The question whether to take a laptop computer on a round-the-world-trip will be answered by anyone you ask in a different way. After reading through a lot of advice on travel forums, I guess it comes – for me – down to answering a couple of questions.

  • How long is the journey?
  • Are overnight stays planned mostly in individual hotel rooms?
  • Blogging a lot?
  • Need to edit photographs?
  • Have a light / small laptop?
  • Renounce to a laptop in case of loss or theft?

There are actually a couple of answers which might point in favor of lugging my old, bulky Acer Travelmate 2300 (3kgs) with me. It is so old, that I don’t really mind anyone stealing it. But then, what’s the point of bringing it along if I don’t mind not having it anymore. Yes, I like to crop, edit and resize photographs – so that my shots will look perfect when uploading them to the blog. But do I really want to spend my time in the evening – somewhere in the Mongolian desert for example – editing pictures?

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